Thank you for stopping by Parson’s Creek Press for a visit! I like to entertain, but you might look around and see that not everything about me is perfect.  A long time ago, I figured out that perfection for us humans is overrated, so most of the time I settle for doing something as well as I can with the time I can devote to it. I enjoy times when my company laughs with me at things I do wrong – because mishap stories are so fun to tell!
I can get sentimental, too. I think that’s part of the reason I write. And sometimes my favorite person jokes with me by saying, “Now why don’t you tell us what you really think?” Hmm. I have long enough that some of my opinions are stuck like plaque in my veins I guess: they can be discussed and occasionally dislodged, but not too easily.
You may wonder why I choose Parson’s Creek Press as my virtual publishing company’s name. For me it was logical. A fairly decent fishing creek ran along the west side of my parent’s farm named Parson’s Creek. At least that’s the name I thought it was. One of my brothers said he thought it was Peach Creek or something else, but I didn’t hear that until after I’d inserted my design of Parson’s Creek Press  and mission statement inside a couple books. Even if it turns out he’s right, I have a backup reason. I “happened” to marry a parson over four decades ago, so the name just seems to fit. Mind you, I don’t have a brick and steeple building in which my books are assembled and from which they’re shipped. No, I store a lot of materials in my office here at the house, but it’s so crowded that I generally spend a lot of time at a table or at the soft couch with my MacBook Air absorbing whatever it is that I think people like you might like to read. I want all my writing to be encouraging, entertaining, or informative and I write without apology from a Christian point of view as well as I can. If you’d like to glance at what I’ve had published so far, you can click here.
I do more than write, though, so look around on the site and see if something else I do is of interest to you. I like to be creative when I fix meals, when I finish learning something from the Bible or from speakers, when I do something for my adult children or tend to my grandchildren, and I try to mix humor, truth, and creativity into just about anything else I do.  (My very good husband still thinks I’m one of the most creative people he’s ever met, so you’ll have to decide if his judgment is sound or not…but please don’t tell him he’s wrong. He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. We both know, however, that I am not one of the most tech-savvy people, but I’m trying not to give up on learning new things, like building and maintaining a website.)

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Leaves That Did Not Wither is the first edition that follows Esther and Emanuel from Victorian England through consequences of the US Civil War’s disruption of their young family.




Unto All Generations book cover


Unto All Generations is the same story as “Leaves…” but with “A Novel Approach to Bible Study” between each chapter.






(1875-1890) Follow the adventurous, sometimes humorous, journey of a teenage runaway pursuing manhood.






Children do their own illustrations or recycle Christmas cards for the pages of the rhyming Bible story about the birth of Jesus Christ.




ABC's of Christmas book cover


Children interactively learn the Biblical Christmas story from A to Z by copying a drawing, circling objects, counting, etc.



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Janean Thompson Francis’ first story is a sweet bedtime story about a little bear who can’t figure out why he’s soooo sleepy. (Publishing assistance by Parson’s Creek Press)


Christmas Musings book cover

“Christmas Musings” is a softcover Christmas collection of short stories, humorous and inspirational messages, and poetry/prose. This “Three in One” book’s contents work nicely together as a 226 page book with three divisions. Please note, those three divisions within “Christmas Musings” can also be purchased individually online as three eBooks (Christmas in Our Hearts, Last Christmas, and the third eBook is “Mary, Meet Dr. Luke). “Christmas Musings” is perfect for the Christmas season.





(Offered separately) Includes humorous and sentimental essays, poetry, and even a skit for your small group and church.


Last Christmas book cover


(Offered separately) A workaholic husband/father realizes he’s been sacrificing more than all that once mattered. An Amazon reader said it was the clearest Gospel presentation he’d read in a fictional story.


(Offered separately) Scholars believe Luke, the physician, gathered firsthand information before writing the God-breathed Gospel of Luke. This fictional interview of Mary about raising God’s Son has been praised by readers.



CPonderings cover


Christmas Ponderings is an Advent devotional to help prepare adults for Christmas. Includes scriptures and meditations written by Paul and Margery Warder.




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Margery’s mother wrote over 100 poems for her senior adult writing class and answered questions grandchildren ought to know. Heartwarming and historical.




A Virtual Festival cover as a jpeg (2)

“A retreat-in-a-book” for women whose present circumstances make it difficult to get away for a weekend retreat. Why not hear Eve, Mrs. Noah, and Sarah tell about their faith journeys? It’s written as though the coordinator hosting the event is asking for participation and there are scriptures for readers to study between the “guest speakers.” See if it works for you. Margery, the author, thought she’d give it a try and see if readers thought it worked.



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Daily Directions for Life from the Book of Proverbs. Chapter a day with a paragraph from the authors about which verses struck them as they studied, but no two entries for the year are the same. Space for readers to enter their own thoughts or use as a simple journal. Wise King Solomon’s proverbs give advice for business, for relationships, and for just about all of life.  (more…)

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