Vonda’s Presentation about Solomon’s Description of His Lovely Wife

Not everything is easy to talk about. One such topic can be the intimacy intended for marriage between a husband and wife. God designed sexual intimacy as a gift within marriage and aren’t we thankful He did so? Faithfulness to each other for as long as we live adds even more pleasure to our lives.

Not long ago, I saw that speaker Vonda Skelton gave a presentation visualizing the creative terms King Solomon used to describe his wife. I thought you might enjoy taking a few minutes to listen … and watch. Here’s the link to her unique interpretation, which was found on Youtube:

I know Vonda speaks throughout the country. Several months ago, at the “Called to Write” conference in Pittsburg, KS, I heard Vonda would be at an Oklahoma writer/speaker conference this summer. I’m trying to find out the details. If I find out, would you like to let you know more details.

Meantime, if you’re married, you can have some fun with this interpretation, right? So thankful even God has a sense of humor.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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