My Prayer for the 4th of July

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     Lord, I thank You for Your countless blessings upon this country. You have been merciful far beyond what we deserve, proving time after time that You are a Gracious God. Thank You. Your blessings were upon our nation from its earliest days, but, Father God, I acknowledge our offenses against You, O Holy God, are many. Please forgive us for actions we take that are contrary to Your will. Forgive us, I pray, for our wanting to excuse our shortsightedness and our selfishness. Forgive us when we claim that times have changed so surely You have changed. Your Word says You never change. You are the same God and Your ways are holy. You want what is best for us, so I ask Your forgiveness for thinking we can “do life well” apart from You. Guide us toward deeper devotion and more consistent obedience to You.

   Father, I pray You will continue to bless the USA and all people of goodwill.

   Father God, I pray that You bless President Trump and Vice President Pence. I pray You provide them with wisdom in all their decisions and surround them with truthful counselors. May their devotion to You and their love for You increase each day.

   I pray, Father God, for the cabinet members. I pray that as each carries out the responsibilities of his or her sphere of influence and governance that You will direct each mind to consider that ultimately each man and woman will be giving an account to You for actions taken and words said. May each humbly consult You.

 Lord of Justice, we pray for our judges of the Supreme Court. When they have cases brought to them, may their judgment be based on truth, on accurate understanding of the constitution, and may they consider not only fairness for those being heard but also may they weigh the consequences of their judgments for future generations. Father, grant them Your insight on justice.

   Righteous God of Love and Source of Peace, our nation has had enemies who resent us and/or our freedoms. Because of decades of unrest, of wars, and of external and internal conflicts, some of our men and women lost their lives, some suffered life-altering injuries, and Lord, You know some who left the battlefield continued to carry the invisible consequences, even to this day. Lord, we ask You to watch over those currently on active duty and those who have returned but are hurting. Bless them with protection and provision and may the causes they take up align with protection of the oppressed. Give insight to the military leaders of each branch of service and to our president as the Commander-in-Chief. May not one life be wasted, Lord God. When injuries happen, please grant wisdom to their caregivers and healing to their bodies and minds. I ask You to also care for their families, restoring relationships when a family member has been away serving or is healing. You know, Lord, that we humans can sometimes let people’s situations be overlooked, but I pray that You will watch over each veteran so not one goes through a day without knowing You love them and this nation appreciates the service rendered. Bless, too, the chaplains that serve those in the military and help them proclaim Your love and truth. I pray for faithfulness within the families and strengthening of relationships between spouses and family members.

Father, we are a nation that functions best through good citizens and duly elected office holders from the local committee members, state and national senators and representatives. May these individuals and appointees take seriously their roles and work for the good of the people rather than working to secure another term. May those who worship You have a strong and effective influence not only in government but also with others with whom they serve and even upon their office staff.

   Lord God, most of the people in our country will sleep safely through the night partly because You never sleep and partly because there are brave men and women who patrol our streets and provide emergency help when it is needed. Watch over those individuals, too, Father. We are grateful our nation is mostly made up of individual who respect the laws of the land and the officers and personnel who are swore to enforce the laws. We know You hear the plans of both the people who show reverence toward You and those who want to defy You. I pray you protect individuals who want to lead good and peaceful lives and change the hearts and minds of those who don’t – because You love them more than they know.   

Father, may the United States of America always be an honorable nation. May the nation be the home of the brave and the land of the free. May more and more people come to know the deepest peace and greatest freedom – Jesus Christ, Your Son, the Savior for this nation and for the world.

   Please, God, continue to bless the USA.

   In Jesus’ Name, Amen


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