Characters on a Mission

This page is for readers to catch the vision of sending characters out to new readers, characters who could make a difference in the world.
Think of the character as a “missionary” to the reading world. The character, by the end of the story, should exemplify someone you’d like to promote because that character would make the world a safer and better place. Maybe you are fond enough of the character that you’d like to invite him or her to a dinner party so guests could hear the character’s story. When you finish a book you really liked, you might think, “I wish others could read this…” and now, if we get this page to work as envisioned, then you can do that.
Most of the “missionary characters” would come from books or stories others can read, but I may also let guests post about a movie or a speaker that had a powerful impact upon them so that others would want to see that movie or hear that speaker.
As an example, which I’ll justify because this site is just getting started and I know a story well, I will introduce Esther Copsey Kisbey who is found in “Unto All Generations” or the ebook entitled “Leaves That Did Not Wither“. Why would I nominate her for making it around the world and into many hands and homes?

Here’s why:
Readers first meet a quite confident Esther Copsey Kisbey who tells us she thought she deserved a comfortable life. Raised in a formal religion, Esther respectfully believes she keeps God at a reasonable distance, feeling closest to Him inside a stained glass cathedral. Esther’s life starts changing when her heart falls for a young chap who struck out on his own at about ten years of age. He’s poorly educated and the chances of him becoming wealthy are slim. At a special event, though not together, both realize their need to trust Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. After their marriage and some heartaches, they venture across the Atlantic to assist an ill sister. Plans seldom go as planned, and soon the Civil War shatters the dreams and peace in their little family. Because Esther’s obituary clearly told of her dependence upon God, I wrote her story and I nominate her as a “missionary” because she will carry Biblical truths wherever she goes.

     So, how would you make Esther, or a character you’ve found memorable, a “missionary”?
First, read about the character either in the softcover or the eBook. If you are moved by the story or the character, pray about how you can get that out to others.
Second, go to the page where the book is found and make a comment about the character or the book. Even a “Good book” comment moves the book up from the thousands of books available, making it easier for others to discover it. (When authors try to promote a book, they are unable to post it on some sites if they don’t have at least ten comments made by legitimate buyers.) Your comments are like the tip you leave at the restaurant.
Third, talk about the book on social media and add a link to where the book can be purchased.
Fourth, invite the author to visit your book club or even join you for a glass of iced tea with you and a few others. How? Prearrange with the author to “meet” you via Skype or FaceTime. Most authors would be highly complimented if you asked them to spend 10-15 minutes with your little group.
 Fifth, lend the book or send the book to others. Online, some eBooks are set up to be “loaned” after you’ve purchased it. Tell your recipient how much you appreciated the book and, if appropriate, tell them you’re sending them a missionary who won’t need the guest room.
 Sixth, see if your character has a ‘fan page’ where you can add your comments about meeting the character — but don’t give away the whole story so that others will read the book, too.
  Seventh, when you’ve finished with the book, move it on to its new adventure. How? Donate it somewhere that it will likely be read. Library, Goodwill, the re-sale shop, a school, etc. If the book meant something to you, pray it mean something to another reader, too.
Why send the character as a “missionary”? Sometimes books can go to places human missionaries or well-intentioned relatives or friends can’t go. Even if the place it lands doesn’t want to take time for it, there’s a good possibility that it will land in someone else’s hands. If the book you “send” has the Gospel truths in it, maybe a character realizes the need to get right with God and the book takes readers through that, then you have helped spread the Gospel around the world.

Contact me at if you have a character you want to promote. I’ll try to soon get a form to fill out about the character and why you think that character needs a wider audience. Give me a little time, but I’ll try to get as many characters on this page as are worthy of the sacred role of being a missionary. I may end up needing others to help decide about them, but we’ll start small.