Let’s Think about This

Welcome to this page on my website. Here are a couple dreams I have for this space.

I know other authors, writers, and artists whose work has impressed me because their words are encouraging, spiritually on target, or they have ideas to help individuals and families. Occasionally, I hope to cite some of them, or invite a few of the living ones, to get to know my followers.

For starters, since I’m adding this page on the 21st, I’d like to connect my followers with an ancient king named Solomon. He was an interesting character, and not all about him is the way you’d want your sons or husband to imitate, but when Solomon’s mind was working and his character lined up, even God considered him wise. One time, several thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, King Solomon’s reputation for wisdom reached to the queen of Sheba, which is believed to include Yemen and parts of Ethiopia and Eritrea. She came to learn wisdom from this very rich king.

That said, King Solomon wrote a couple books that have been preserved in the Bible. One is the book for married husbands and wives and is Solomon’s “song”. Another book, with insight for all ages regardless whether young, old, married, or single, is the Book of Proverbs. If you open most Holy Bibles to the “smack dab” middle, you’ll either open to the Psalms, many of those written by King Solomon’s father, King David, or you’ll land in the Book of Proverbs. A lot of people find it helpful to take in a chapter of King Solomon’s wisdom each day of any month because his writings were set into 31 chapters. Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.50.02 PM

Since it’s the 21st, you’re invited to read Proverbs 21. If you don’t have your copy of the Holy scriptures handy, you can choose any version you prefer by clicking here and selecting Proverbs 21.

My husband and I took up the challenge of reading a chapter in Proverbs each day, but we took an additional step: we each wrote a brief paragraph about the chapter we’d read. Here’s what we have down after reading the chapter for June 21:

Read Proverbs Twenty-One

Devotional Thoughts and Prayers: Amazing promise for those suffering under an unfair leader: The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will! (KJV) Why? Because, verse two, humankind tends to think our way of doing things is right. Thankfully, God weighs hearts and bring justice, either now or later. We can’t fool God with a sacrifice.

Then we added a short prayer on each page to correspond with the day’s chapter reading. For June 21, we wrote: Father, wake up leaders; humble them to realize they’re accountable to You.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.31.19 PMIf you’d like to use our Twelve Times Through Daily Directions for Daily Life from the Book of Proverbs, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. The book has two entries per page and leaves a little space for you to write your thoughts, prayers, or even jot a couple lines if you’re using it as a journal while growing spiritually. You could use the book year after year as you read through Proverbs. Its topics are many, including relationships, business, and government, to name a few. Thanks in advance if you make that purchase.